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Community is…

…people with a shared sense of opportunity and purpose: civic centers, workplaces or social service organizations.

Community is expressed through effective communication, by whatever means and media are available. Today social media on the Internet are an important new means of communication. Blogs are great for building relationships with customers and neighbors. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well, can help build identity.

Resource Relations LLC is pleased to add counsel in social media to its communication services.

Our focus is organizational communication, including communication audits. We also do risk and crisis communication, provide counsel in public relations and are offering business blogging as well.

– Doug Bedell, Principal

From Our Problem Solving Blog…

Reflecting Via Teams

Mark Cruth on the Quartz site provides a six-step reflection process to use to identify and solve problems. "Doing this habitually builds psychological safety, one of the key attributes of high-performing teams," he advises. "During this activity, team members...

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…Yet Good Grades Don’t Always Matter

Esther Wojcicki,  a teacher and author now retired. explains why grades aren't the only measurement of talent. Education in the U.S., she feels, is flawed because it discourages "kids who are super creative but who are not following all of the rules". "Valuing grades...

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Starting Early, In Grade School…

Along with parents,  educators concerned about problem solving and conflict resolution among young people might check in with The Post-Journal in Jamestown, N.Y. where the Washington Middle School has a "Peacekeepers" program.  The Washington, N.Y., school began...

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Give ‘Art Therapy’ a Try

From the Hindustan Times comes the advice to use art therapy for help with problem solving. "Art therapy," it reports, "can help individuals to develop a greater understanding of themselves, their emotions, and their behaviors. It can also help to build self-esteem...

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